Street scenes, Navsari, Gujarat

Ptolemy wrote of it in 150AD, Greek historians wrote it in their accounts and more recently, as did Amitav Ghosh in this blog post 🙂

Over the centuries, Navsari has been known by several names: Nag Shahi, Nag Sarika, Nag Vardhana, Nav Sarika, Nag Mandal and Nav Sareh.


When the Parsis arrived in Navsari, the town went by the name of Nag Mandal.

Legend has it that the town reminded the new immigrants of their home, Iran, specifically the Sari region.

Eventually, it came to be called Nao Sari (literally translated New Sari) from which its present-day name Navsari is derived.


The tiny town may be just a speck on the country’s map but it has been the birthplace of Jamsetji Tata, founder of the Tata Group, the political leader Dadabhai Navroji and India’s first female photojournalist Homai Vyarawalla.

Sadly with less than an hour in hand, I barely got to see this quaint little town that I instantly fell in love with.

Perhaps someday, I’ll return.


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