Parsi manThat the Zoroastrians are obsessed with purity is no secret.

In part, it is this very obsession that has led to the drastic falling numbers of the community.

While there have been several (very loud) debates about permitting conversions, the real challenge before the community is probably being forgotten already — the future of small family-run businesses that are as much a part of the Zoroastrian culture as the fire temples.

The Sohrab Dhanjishaw store opposite Cama Baug in Grant Road, Mumbai also has been in business for the last 70-odd years. It sells Parsi curios, religious books and everyday items for daily prayers.

Like most others, the store will also most likely shut after its current owners (one of them pictured here) gives up.

What makes the challenge even tougher for small businesses such as this one is unlike the Irani Cafes, it has a niche clientele that itself is fighting for survival.

It remains to be seen whether the community even notices the death of these small businesses let alone takes steps to prevent it from extinction.


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